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    Anniv. Warm Up

    Win $100 off $200 coupons

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    Anniv. Carnival

    Free shipping worldwide

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    Anniv. Encore

    £13 OFF £90


The rules of winning free orders:
1. We'll pick 5 winners who processed an order over $50 from 17 Jun. to 19 Jun. , and send each of them a coupon.
2. The coupon's value will be equal to the order value (up to $100).
3. The coupon will be issued to the winners' accounts after the anniversary ends.
4. If any winner cancels their order, we'll take their name off the list.
5. If you have any problems, please contact us at our Support Center.
$50 - $5 New Members EXTRA PayPal Offer:
1)Offer valid from 17 June , 2019 (12:00 BST) to 20 June , 2019 (12:00 BST) on web& mobile ZAFUL.com sites and ZAFUL App.
2)Offer valid only for the FIRST Paid Order of new ZAFUL members; first order payment must be made with PayPal, PayPal Credit OR PayPal supported credit card payment.
3)17 June , 2019 (12:00 BST) to 20 June , 2019 (12:00 BST) :Offer requires a minimum net spend of $50(after applying any discounts).
4)17 June , 2019 (12:00 BST) to 20 June , 2019 (12:00 BST) :Offer is strictly limited to the first 500 orders per day meeting the above requirements. The discount will be automatically applied.
5)Technical factors such as browser cache, internet speed, and order settlement time may affect whether the order enjoys a discount. Order early to avoid disappointment.
6)Offer is not valid for repeat orders or first orders not paid using PayPal.
8)Each eligible ZAFUL account can only benefit from the offer once. This offer cannot be used in combination with other PayPal related offers.
9)ZAFUL reserves the right to amend or cancel the offer at any time.
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